Thursday, June 13, 2013

Huge Puppy

Huge Puppy, 2013
cardboard box and shipping tape 126 x 126 x 54 in.

Look at this cardboard box huge puppy! I made this on the last day evening of Bushwick Open Studios. It was so exciting...

I just got an idea of making this like just four hours before it was done when I was still sleeping on the bed. This day was the last day of the open studios and actually I finished this just like a hour before the all end so people around seem to see me like "What the hell is the guy going on this time??" but I was feeling like I just have to do because I have no idea if there is a next chance and I simply wanted to make it!! This is a real pure artist's spirit I believe.

This is an original puppy.

Let's do it!

A lot of boxes, actually 56 boxes.

Thanks guys again! Akira-san, Yusuke-kun, and Meguru-kun.

Almost done.

A guy was talking to me like "You use the boxes means like, people in NY is living in boxes, right?" and I was like "haha...".

And it's done!

This looks I am really proud of it :-)

Nice view.

He was celebrating for my puppy. Thank you so much!

My nice studio mate, Yusuke-kun.

This her Instagram shot is so cute.

It's really huge!

I bombed some on it at the night.

Thanks for these pics, Asuka-san! I am cool with this.


You know what, I did this actually to decoy some of local real ones.

So I left some spray cans next to it...

YES! it worked in just a few minutes. Arigato!

This is what I want and it's so cool!

And this is just a next day, haha... But I am really good with this end, it's street art :-)