Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bushwick Open Studios 2013

Bushwick Open Studios was so fun last weekend! I think more people came this year than last year.

Those six works are very new as I made for this opportunity and I am really proud of those works again with blogging this post right now.


A lot of people came and I heard actually total about 2,000 people came just only for this building.

She, Melanie is the model for my first picture work as the one behind us :-)

I sold those small paintings about 10, yes!


Every body love my pixel-ish puppy and I just got an idea that is hiring some models to taking around my puppies to show more people during a show when I could have next time. I think it would be awesome.

And this is a best exciting thing I had this time. A huge carton box puppy that I made on the side walk! I just got an idea of making this like just 4 hours before it was done when I was on the bed. This day was the last day of the open studios and actually I finished this just like a hour before the all end but I was feeling like I just wanted to make this with no reason and I did it!! This is a real pure artist's spirit I believe.

People were really crazy like this movie, haha...

Love this pic :-)

Thanks for all support of you and your friends, Yusuke-kun! I had really good time with you!

Live music at the last day evening, yeah!

with his crazy dance... yeah yeah!