Saturday, May 22, 2010

Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop

I watched Banksy's film! The film must be a first documentary film about the street art made by a real street artist.
Banksyのフィルムを見ました! 実際のストリートアーティストが制作した初のドキュメンタリーだと思います。

Almost empty there, on weekdays 4pm. The visitors are only a gray-haired man, old couple, and me...
平日の4pmでガラガラ。。 客は僕と白髪のおじさんと老夫婦の4人ww

My English skill is still poor, so I think there is some misunderstanding on this post. Please don't care about it :-) But I thought this film is very good as just one of documentary film, by its contents and composition.

The outline of this film is a story about a man who is living in LA, his name is Terry. He began filming everything of his life after his mother was dead. The story made a sudden change when he knew his cousin in France is very famous street artist SPACE INVADER! After then he gone to be crazy to record the street artists, met a lot of the great artists, and support their bombing. And he started his own art. There is a second sudden change of this film here, this Terry is Mr. BRAINWASH of the big topic in the present street art world! The end of the story he succeeded in a huge first solo exhibition in LA.

This film has some very precious scenes in the street art history such as, young day's Shepard Fairey copies his large sized work at KINKO'S, the movie which young day's SPACE INVADER and ANDRE run through night France on a motorcycle, and bomb. I was surprised that some famous photographs and pictures were taken by him, also helped to make by him. Because he worked together with Bnaksy and Shepard, he works at all efficiently when he makes his work. That's so fun :-) I was able to understand why Mr.BRAINWASH is a topic like this, by watching this film.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

まだ英語スキルがショボイので全てを理解出来ませんでしたが、ドキュメンタリー映画としてかなり面白い内容でした! ※ネタバレするので鑑賞予定の人はこれ以上読まないほうがイイかもです〜。

大まかなあらすじは、母親の死がキッカケで生活のすべてを記録しはじめたLA在住のフランス人テリーの物語から始まり、その従兄弟がフランス人アーティストSpace Invaderだということで急展開。 ストリートアーティストの記録に夢中になりだすテリーは数々のスターアーティストと行動を共にし始め、テリー自身もアーティストとして目覚めます。 そして、このテリーこそが今話題のアーティストMr. Brainwashなんだと言う2度目の急展開があり、LAでの大規模な展覧会を成功させてフィルムは終了〜。

OBEYのShepard FaireyがKINKO'Sでボム用の大型コピーをしてたり、貴重な映像もかなりあります。 そして有名な映像や写真がテリーの仕事だったり、その作品のボムを手伝っていたりすることにもビックリしました。 OBEYやBANKSYと行動を共にしてきたテリーなので、Mr. Brainwashとして活動し始めた時の段取りがめっちゃイイww 正直このフィルムを見るまではなんでMr. Brainwashがここまで人気なのか分からなかったのでモヤモヤが晴れました。