Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vanilla Bubbles for Citydrift

Vanilla Bubbles:
Vanilla smelled bubbles are wafting with my desire and hope that Bushwick will be a place where people will gather. A lot of dessert, flower, and fragrance shops might open around this area in the near future. Do you smell vanilla around here today? Does anyone know a new ice cream shop opened recently?

September 7, 2012

A film part of:
Experimental Smells for Citydrift
curated by Eri Takane

Tatsumi Namba

Shinji Murakami

As the most rule we got for this Citydrift, we as artists, curators, and gallerists have to do something they never tried and our team's curator Eri gave us a theme "scent" to use with on the rule so I decided to try this Vanilla Bubbles. Mostly why I did this is I just wanted to make people happy! Because I thought this project sounds like an art festival at the night and I should do something good for common festivals when I heard this project first time. In this festival the viewers became drifters, through the act of “looking for” on the street. It was so fun :-) Actually a lot of people was enjoying and some of it saying like "Smells sweet!". Thanks again for inviting me for this great opportunity, Eri!

Some beautiful moments.


Meguru with his amazing abstract work "DIVERSFIED IDENTITY ON THE STREET WALL".

"painting the streets with water..." by James Jack

Artists from other team.

Panel discussion on second day.

I spent too much money for the testing... and everything worked so good.