Monday, September 17, 2012

Random #8bit NYC

Random NYC, 2012
stamp ink and resin on claybord each 5 x 5 in.

This series show some part such as, yellow cab, tall buildings, Central Park, a lot of squirrels, and sightseeing points in New York City! I use my orginal designed stamps to make and putting a resin for coating. Each piece is original as well but I put really cheap price because now I am not a popular yet so just want more people own my work. Please try this Random NYC to start enjoying my art world, thanks :-)

Available on my web shop!

001 - 019 shown on open studio last weekends.

And some people really like it! Oh... I am so happy :-)

A nail-hang view. Photo by Beth Weinstein

001 A lot of squirrels.

* Texts next to numbers are not a title of work, just my thought.

002 Baseball.

003 People need cabs! (available here)

004 (available here)

005 Guggenheim Museum & MET

006 Strawberry Field & Bethesda Terrace & Guggenheim Museum

007 Strawberry Field.



010 Cab rush.

011 Paparazzi.




015 Fountain. (available here)

016 Bryant park.

017 (available here)

018 Yellow cabs.

019 Squirrels in park. (available here)

020 - 040

020 (available here)


022 (available here)

023 (available here)

024 Fall in love.

025 (available here)

026 Playing baseball. (available here)

027 Williamsburg bridge.

028 (available here)

029 Hanging out in a park. (available here)

030 Apple store on 59th.

031 Church in Harlem. (available here)

032 Street singers

033 Secret place in Central Park. (available here)

034 People around a little pond in Central Park. (available here)

035 Flower garden. (available here)

036 Maybe around 23rd street and east side.

037 FDR? (available here)

038 Tall buildings.

039 South end of Manhattan. (available here)


Drawing on back of some pieces :-)