Friday, July 6, 2012

I Am Sad Now

I Am Sad Now is released now!
It's a Japanese solo musician Shishidohinata's another instrumental project, and this features my original character Boco-chan as really good as you can see.

I Am Sad Now (sample sounds are here)

This is the original work next to my studio in Brooklyn, as I just did it for this project.

Back side.

2 type of stickers came out together and it's cool!

Over 5 years ago, Shishido-san saw my above tugging in Tokyo, and was using that for his profile image of Japanese SNS "mixi", and somehow he gave me a contact. But who can imagine we could make a work together in the future? Such a wonderful story, I thought!

More works to compare for I Am Sad Now.


This is the best after all.

By the way my friend Shantell Martin met this one in walking :-)