Friday, October 22, 2010

Two articles!

My works were hooked up at the 2 articles. Check these out!

First one is on the Italian digital art magazine "Digimag". I answered their interview so hard in English on it... and they brushed it up like more sophisticated from my poor thing :-) I really appreciate them about it that the article looks pretty nice! Now there is only Italian ver., but they said English ver. will come soon.

BACK TO THE SQUARE (English ver. with Google translate)

One more thing is on the 8-Bit inspired website "The 8-Bit Cubist". Today there are a lot of gaming sites, the difference will be that they and me actually are the creators! Very interesting thing is that some of them actually are working for a famous game company. Working at a game company was my dream in childhood, so I am very exciting by working with them.

8Bit Still Life In Real Life
The 8-Bit Cubist

This photo worked so well for getting these opportunities. Thanks!