Monday, July 5, 2010


I got the two books about Nintendo's GUNPEI YOKOI.

GUNPEI YOKOI was a true pioneer in videogame hardware engineering and game design, creator of the Game Boy and Game and Watch, and producer of the long-running Metroid series.

This book is a long-awaited book reissued after an interval of 13 years on June 25! It introduces all the toys created by him.

Also this book is about Yokoi, for the first time in 13 years written by an author same as an upper book.

I am studying about Yokoi's famous philosophy of "Lateral thinking of withered technology" (Kareta gijutsu no suihei shikou). The philosophy means that mature technology that is cheap and well understood is used in radical new ways to produce innovative and inexpensive products, placing emphasis on designing compelling user experiences over the desire for cutting-edge technology.

This logic has since been central to Nintendo's philosophy and may be seen applied in the Wii and Nintendo DS systems. Also you can take in the same philosophy in the iPod and iPhone of Apple.

横井軍平ゲーム館 RETURNS ─ゲームボーイを生んだ発想力
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